El Dorado H.S. LMC

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Discovery Education Streaming is a comprehensive digital service for TEACHERS that motivates students to learn and helps teachers in every content area to transform their instruction with videos, digital content, and standards-aligned resources and lessons. See Amy or Nancy for the EDHS school passcode to set up your teacher account.

Welcome EDHS Teachers

Below you will find helpful links and information about our library services.

What You Should Know about using the EDHS Library:

  •  Please sign up in advance to allow us to plan library activities around your visit.
  •  The maximum sign-up for a particular project in the library or lab spaces is 3 days per teacher.
  •  Please remain with your students at all times -- arrive with them and stay until you dismiss them.
  •  If you sign up and must cancel, please email or call Amy or Nancy so another class may utilize the space and resources if you cannot.
  •  Please stop by to chat with Amy about any research projects you would like to plan; she can prepare a lesson on the best resources for your project goals, instruct students in how to use library resources, create resource lists and pathfinders, and make suggestions to assist you and your students with the research process.

To sign up your classes to use the EDHS Library Just come by the library, call Amy at ext. 1026, or email her at [email protected] You may also call Nancy at ext. 1027 or email her at [email protected] We can let you know the current schedule openings and reserve library and lab time for your students.

When Sending Students to the Library from Your Class Unescorted:
  • Send no more than 5 students at one time. If only 5 teachers do this in one period, we have a full house!
  • Send students with a PASS that includes the FIRST AND LAST NAMES of each student, the DATE, the TIME, as well as WHAT THEY SHOULD ACCOMPLISH in the library.
  • Students who arrive without a pass will be sent back to you to obtain one from you.
  • Remind students to give their pass to a staff member when they arrive in the library.
  • Ask for the pass back upon the students' return to your classroom; it should be SIGNED by an adult staff member and have the time they arrived to us and departed from the library as well

Lessons in the Library:

First and foremost, Amy is a credentialed TEACHER; she can deliver full lessons or 5-to-20-minute mini tutorials on how to use a particular resource, powerful Internet searching beyond Google, Internet safety/responsible use, fake news, evaluating web sites, avoiding hoax or misleading sites, and MLA format citation. "How to Use the Library" is probably the most important lesson she delivers to students during their years at El Dorado High School, because it prepares them for a lifetime of accessing, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing information with confidence. Experts in information literacy agree that use of the Internet and digitalization of information has only increased the need for professional lessons in order for 21st century students to be able to:

  • manage the overwhelming amount of information available on a given topic
  • evaluate and select from the wide range of sources now available to them
  • synthesize information needed for their projects
  • correctly cite sources for the use of ideas, quotations, graphics and images according to the fair use copyright guidelines and MLA format. See MLA Format Guide handout from Library Home page.
  • Amy can help prepare your students to use their higher order thinking skills!

Books and Reading:

Amy is also the resident YA (young adult) and adult literature resource on campus. She loves to talk about and recommend books! She will be happy to "book talk" a group of books on a particular level, theme or genre, or just a group of books that will fire kids up about reading -- in your classroom or in the library, the choice is yours! See Amy's lists of recommended reading and reading links by clicking the "Reading Lists" link from the "Homework Help" tab at the top of the EDHS Library page.

Gale Database Training Videos are available to assist faculty members wishing to become more familiar with using Gale databases so they feel confident using them with their students. Click below for tutorial videos on these subjects:

*Any of the "In Context" Databases

*Using Google Tools with Gale Databases

Hoax Websites You may find are good examples for your classes on why they should be careful users of the Internet. Not everything you read is true!

Explorers -- http://allaboutexplorers.com

Dihydrogen Monoxide -- http://www.dhmo.org/
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie -- http://zapatopi.net/afdb/
Dehydrated Water -- http://www.buydehydratedwater.com/
Great Northwestern Tree Octopus -- http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/